I love traveling as well as writing and reading about it.  This is an index of all of my content pertaining to travel themed content sorted chronologically and broken out by category.  There will be some crossover as some posts belong to both guides and articles and some could be articles as well as personal updates.  Jump to Personal Updates / Travel Guides / Articles.

Personal Updates

These are narratives primarily so I have a place to catalog everything we do.  Heavy on photos, video and first-person experience of what I’ve been up to that’s relevant to travel.

Travel Guides

Guides here are more informational for a specific destination.  I’ll add these as I find useful content worth sharing pertaining to a specific city, country or area.


Articles can be anything that isn’t a personal update.  They are also more informational as well. If you have any articles you’d like to submit to have posted here let me know!