Au natural at Spa Land in Busan

We were thinking of things to do in Busan while we visited my cousin who is teaching English there when he suggested Spa Land. Spas are a part of normal culture in Korea and Spa Land is apparently the biggest spa in the country.

Sure, I thought, I’ve spent a fare bit of time in hotel spas across Europe, let’s check this out!

Spa Land is located inside on floor one of the largest store in the world (Guinness Record certified), Shinsegae, just off the Centum City metro stop.

It’s quite an experience and unlike any spa visit I’ve had.  Upon entering, you pay around the equivalent of $13 per person. After you pay, you are given a key on a wristband that serves as your locker key as well as form of payment throughout the spa.

Once you get the key, you put your shoes in a shoe locker and proceed to the locker rooms.

This is where it begins.

First, there is something you should know about Korean spas that I was not aware of: the baths require you to be completely nude to use. They are separated by gender though.  I was a little nervous at first but really nobody cares and if you want you can use the tiny towels to somewhat cover areas you aren’t super comfortable letting be seen.

I’d definitely recommend against skipping this part. It is completely possible to skip the baths entirely and head straight for the different spa rooms but it’s worth trying out, especially on the women’s side, I hear, where there is an outdoor bath!

Once you’ve soaked and showered​ and are ready to head out you can meet your partner in the meeting point which is the first point you can meet up with the opposite sex.

Now you can begin exploring the dozens of differently themed rooms all with their own unique properties and reasons for being heated the way they are or lit the way they are.

Personally, I’m a fan of rotating back and forth between the hottest room and the ice room for an exhilarating experience.

From the room made out of salt blocks to the room designed to send Sonic vibrations from music through you there is something for anyone.

Therea even a room that rotates different lighting designed to do what? I can’t quite remember but it’s very interesting to go in and close your eyes while the lighting colors  change.

Oncehad enough baking in the different rooms you can head upstairs where there are a variety of treatment options at an added expense.

There is also a restaurant and cafe area where you can relax with a full meal or just a few smoked eggs.

I would definitely recommend making a visit here if you find yourself in Busan or making plans for the area. We paid under $25 total for a spa that beats most 5 star hotel spas and had an unforgettable experience.


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