Getting to know Los Angeles

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This post is pretty delayed. I was cleaning up drafts and pages that had nothing on them and saw one named Los Angeles which just had a set of flickr photos on it. I figured it’d be a good opportunity to just have an official post on it since I hadn’t created one before.

Los Angeles is a funny city.  Its sprawl is massive and it takes forever to get anywhere.  I think for this reason alone, I couldn’t live there.

If there’s one thing that makes LA worth visiting during a trip to Southern California, it’d be Runyon Canyon.   There are paths throughout this little mountain area right in the middle of the city.  There are several paths.  We didn’t know this and ended up veering off into one of the most difficult sections of the canyon with some seriously intimidating vertical descents.  I felt a bit better, however, when I saw a pomeranian running off-leash next to its owner over massive rocks and debris near the top of Runyon Canyon.  Surely if this fake dog can do it then we can too!

The beach towns are amazing as well.

While the focus of this trip was initially LA, I ended up having a lot more fun along the coast in places like Manhattan Beach and the numerous other beach towns we drove off into.  I think in another life I’d like to be a beach vagrant and just lay around all year long, surf and do yoga on the beach.

If I hadn’t left my Nike Free 2.0 shoes in the hotel after we left, this would have been flawless.


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