Travel Blog Spotlight:

We love hearing stories from like minded people and in that spirit I’m opening up the site to host Q&A’s from bloggers so you can meet some more bloggers, expand your network and get exposed to a wide variety of up and coming bloggers.

In the inaugural Travel Blog Spotlight we hear from Kate who runs She gives us a bit of insight into what it’s like just starting out as a travel blogger and gives us a bit of isnight into her first solo trip to Sri Lanka.

If you’d like to be a featured blogger just fill out the survey.

So what’s your name?

What is the name of your blog? 

Let us have a link to check it out

What are the main themes that you discuss and why should we check your site out?
I am writing about traveling and everything related to it. I am also writing a lot of personal thoughts about my life, the life when traveling and my surrounding. Also I am a passionate sports person so you might find the some posts on surfing 😉

Where has the best food?
Wherever it is home-made & local. Experience differences!

What’s been your best travel experience?
My first Solo-travel (to Sri Lanka) and experiencing that you are actually never really alone.

What has been your WORST travel experience and why?
Nothing really bad has happened so far (knock on wood) – just broke my phone and did not have an alarm then – now I am wearing a watch with alarm, so it is the things that you experience that you learn from and grow.

Where have you gone this year? What has been your favorite?
I´ve traveled Sri Lanka and then moved to Ericeira, Portugal and traveled up to Peniche and down the Algarve.
Mid November, in some days, I am leaving to Panama and gonna travel up north Central America.

Where are you most looking forward to going soon?
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Been there already once and it is one of the cutest surfer towns I got to know so far.

What are your aspirations for travel? Where do you see this taking you?
It is broadening my mind and helps me opening up. It gives me so much back. Everyday. I feel stuck when I stay at one place for too long.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your journey, either as a blogger or a traveler?
To start. This is also the reason why my motto is “dare to jump.”

What is one thing you cannot live without while travelling?
My Camera, to show my friends, family and follower the beauty of the world.

Follow Kate on her journey


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