Cooperatize Review


Publishing sponsored posts is one of the best ways to make money blogging, especially for up-and-coming bloggers. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to receive these opportunities naturally through the contact form of your site but there’s an even easier method of publishing sponsored posts and getting paid for them, and that’s Cooperatize.

Cooperatize Review


Cooperatize is a company that connects bloggers with advertisers looking for influencers to help promote their product. The purpose of this review is to outline the user experience of Cooperatize from a publisher’s perspective.

Cooperatize works by matching advertisers with bloggers that are relevant to their product. This means that you won’t be awkwardly asked to write about something irrelevant to the content of your site.

The Cooperatize Process

  • First, add your blog URL and social media profiles to the Cooperatize dashboard.
  • Second, connect your Google Analytics information
  • Third, Advertisers solicit proposals from bloggers through the Publisher interface. If you’re interested you respond that you’re interested and what your proposed headline is.
  • Fourth, if you are selected for the job, you are notified via email and you will receive digital assets such as imagery and relevant information
  • Fifth, you have a set date to complete a first draft
  • Sixth, after you submit the draft, the advertiser responds with any factual corrections
  • Seventh, you publish
  • Eigth, you have to hit the target views to complete the project and receive 100% of the payout
  • 9th, you complete the target and Cooperatize paypals you the money

This is the process from beginning to end and it really couldn’t be simpler.

Publisher Dashboard

As you can see from the screenshot, you get a dashboard to assist you throughout the life of the campaign, which is dynamically updated as the campaign progresses!

How Much Do You Get Paid?

Cooperatize works with advertisers to pay you based on the amount of expected unique visitors you can bring to the post. So small blogs will have lower payouts and large blogs will have higher payouts.

Cooperatize sets an expected payout based on your current levels of traffic and this is fair in my opinion. You can adjust up or down as needed but be realistic with what you can achieve as you will need to hit your targets to get paid.

Great! Any Drawbacks?

Honestly, Cooperatize has been a super easy company to work with. I’m not getting paid to post this, I just wanted to provide a review of Cooperatize for others out there because I hadn’t really heard of it before using them.

The only drawbacks, or rather, inconveniences, were that it wasn’t always clear what the next steps would be. The site is pretty intuitive but I think that with some minor tweaks to make sure the blogger is completely aware of what they need to do in what stages would help. Customer support has been great though and have always answered questions in a timely manner.

Concluding Remarks

If you’re looking for a way to monetize your blog and you’re open to the idea of sponsored content, I would highly recommend applying to be a publisher for Cooperatize.  You choose which advertisers you wish to apply for so that way you ensure that you keep the quality of content on your blog high, by only writing about things that you legitimately would want to write about!  If you have any questions on it, just sign up for Cooperatize and seek out assistance from the very helpful admins.


12 responses to “Cooperatize Review

  1. My blog is fairly new and I don’t get that much traffic yet. But once it grows I will check out Cooperatize, maybe I’ll get sometime out of it 🙂


  2. Super helpful, bookmarked. I’m still growing my traffic as i’m fairly new, but i’ll surely check Cooperatize out. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you for sharing this useful information. I heard about a similar site called Type The Hype. I will check this out I really like how your payment depends on how much traffic you got. I think thats fair.


  4. I have been looking into ways to grow my blof. Thank you for breaking down this service. I found it to be extremely helpful, without “pushing”.


  5. I was looking at this site too but i haven’t tried. Do they accept new blogs? Like how old is the blog before you get approved to be included in publishers?


    • Hey, yes they will accept new blogs but in order to get paid you need to drive traffic to the post. Your Analytics data will determine how much you get paid and how likely you are to be chosen by a brand but it’s worth signing up.


    • Hi Trantr, because they offer an affiliate program for current publishers with them. If anybody finds this useful and signs up as a publisher and successfully makes it in and gets a post created you get a $50 referral bonus.


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