Exploring East London


Street Art by Brick Lane in East London

Sometimes the most everyday of activities can lead to a pretty fun filled day. The day started with us walking out the door, headed toward the nearby Café Nero to grab a coffee and relax. As we approached, the idea hit to head to this cat café we heard of in Bethnal Green. I’m not entirely sure why, but I really wanted to check this place out, even despite my allergies.

We hopped on the Metropolitan line and got off at Liverpool Street. After walking about 15 minutes, we found it!


Cat Themed Drinks at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is a café where you can grab a coffee and relax while cats roam wild. Apparently they even have cat-themed latte art! I say apparently, because as soon as we walked in, we realized that you really need to book ahead if you want to go on a weekend. Who knew!? I don’t typically book my coffee outings.

So after admiring the café from the outside, we decided to wander around and find a decent substitute. We headed toward Brick Lane and decided on Brick Lane Coffee. Since it was Sunday afternoon, Brick Lane Market was in full swing, so the place was packed. We managed to find a seat on a sofa in the back though.


Aggressive Loyalty Cards

The almond milk latte is great. The almond milk adds a little bit of sweetness so you don’t actually need any sweetener or sugar. And their aggressive little loyalty cards are novel enough to warrant a photo. It’s a good place to get comfortable and pull out a laptop if you can secure a spot to sit.

After finishing our coffees we decided to head to the market to try Burmese food from this Burmese food vendor since Ashley has yet to try it. But again our plans changed as we found out Peroni had rented out the hall where the food vendors usually are for some pop-up!

Heading back out into the market, we had plenty of food options. The scents as you walk down Brick Lane are hard to resist. Ashley went with a vegan Paella and I went with this pan-Asian vendor who had Japanese tacos (Ninja Tacos is what they were marketed as).


Prepping Ninja Tacos


Ninja Tacos!

The tacos are great – Asian flavors in the chicken with flour tacos, cilantro and sri racha chili sauce make for pretty tasty lunch!

For dessert, Ashley was craving vegan chocolates so we went a little further north to this chocolate place, Dark Sugars. This place has a pretty insane assortment of chocolates with hot chocolate made from chocolate shavings on the spot.


Chocolate Pearls in Dark Sugars

Dark Sugars has any sort of chocolate truffle you could want with lots of dairy-free, vegan, and nut-free options available. Ashley was thrilled because they have an entire vegan section of chocolates.


Vegan chocolate dipped oranges

After gorging on chocolate, we decided it was probably time to head back and call it a day. We had a pretty eventful day that started out with us just heading to our local coffee shop and then veering off wildly into exploring the Brick Lane portion of East London. It’s those sorts of things I really like about living in large cities. The possibility that you can head out for something simple and end up doing something completely different. Those sorts of detours doesn’t always end up favorably, but sometimes it does, and those times make it worth it.


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