Taking in History

The nice thing about London is…although nearly everything is expensive, most of its museums are free.  If you have a day to fill and you haven’t been, give the Natural History Museum some consideration.


Ashley’s in snowy Chicago and it’s a bit quiet in London.  In an effort to pass the time until I visit in December, I took the liberty last weekend to finally make my way to the Natural History Museum.

The building itself is one of the most impressive parts about this place.


Upon entering I was greeted by the famous Dippy, which Wikipedia tells me is a 105-foot (32 m) long replica Diplodocus carnegii skeleton.



The museum covers hundreds of topics such as biology, memory, learning and languages, mammals, dinosaurs and there are always temporary exhibits you can visit if you pay a bit.  After spending the day wandering around the various exhibits I was time to go.  The sun had set.

As it was December, the ice rink was lit up in the night.



The museum is free, however, there is a suggestion donation of £5. Exhibits are priced independently of the free portion of the museum.


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