Solidarity in Tragedy: Honoring Paris in London

It was Vice News, of all outlets, where I first saw the reports coming in about Paris being attacked.

The fact that at least 12 had died in terror attacks across the city shocked me, and as word spread that they were in the Bataclan holding the place hostage, the dread of that number increasing was real.

We know how it ends for now.  People already use this to serve their own political agendas.  But that’s not what this is about.

The world lit up in support of a city reeling from these attacks.  London, a close neighbor with a substantial number of French residents, was no exception.

London Eye France
London Eye

A vigil was held in Trafalgar Square.  A large portion of London’s significant French population were a strong presence to support their friends and family back home.

Trafalgar Square Vigil
Trafalgar Square Vigil

The atmosphere was one of general positivity and support.  La Marseillaise was sung and people used the lights from the mobile phones in place of candles (at the request of police).


It’s awful when things like this happen. The coming together of cities around the world is a refreshing reminder, however, of the humanity that does exist in the world, despite many peoples attempts to destroy it.


That’s all for now.


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