Dinner at Sketch Gallery, London

Bathroom Pods

You don’t always start a blog post with a lead image of a bathroom.  But at Sketch, you can kind of get away with it.

The Gallery at Sketch is a place Ashley has been wanting to go for a while and we finally made it here tonight.  It’s a very quirky restaurant in Mayfair notorious for its alien-like pod-shaped bathrooms and its overall Alice in Wonderland vibe.

We arrived about 10 minutes prior to our reservation time so were instructed we could either wait by the door or head to the cocktail bar and have a seat.  We opted to head to the cocktail bar.  The bar is housed within a tiny dome surrounded by a sterile white room meticulously upkept by a worker in French maid dress. The little egg pods on top are the bathrooms.

Cocktail Bar

After having a seat in the bar until our reservation time, we headed into the Gallery to have a seat. The room looks like cotton candy. Pink everywhere.


We ordered a couple of drinks to start off with.  It seems everything about this place has little quirks as our drinks even had a sugar skull and flowers in them.


I love a drink with egg white shaken into it so both of these, although a bit too sweet, had a great texture.

The food came out quickly after.  I have to say, I was going to order a bottle of wine after our cocktails but the food came out so quickly I didn’t really need to.  I’m not going to complain about quick service though!

I had the “bouef tartare” and Ashley had the risotto.  The tartare was fantastic and well filling. It was the kind of great texture that you really want a steak tartare to be.  The risotto was very cheesy and cooked well.  I’d definitely recommend the tartare though.

Steak Tartare & Risotto

We had to get dessert so I opted for the chocolate and Ashley, the Malabar in meringue.  The Malabar was a bit tart for me, but the chocolate was perfect.  Chocolate paper on top of a chocolate disk on top of a something I can’t even remember because I just ended up destroying it shortly after taking this picture.

Chocolate Dessert
Malabar Meringue

Overall Sketch is a fantastic experience.  The place is made up of several rooms so if you like what you see here, make sure you book the Gallery.  It’s pricey, weighing in at about £60 per head for dinner, dessert and a drink so definitely either for special occasions or, if you’ve just got it like that, for whenever.

I would definitely return.  There is a wide variety of drinks and food options so although my choices were great, I’d have to choose something else.

You need to book in advance.  Give yourself a few weeks ahead if you go for Afternoon Tea or Dinner in the gallery.  I can’t really say what kind of lead time you need for the other rooms as we were mainly after that specific pink room.  Overall a solid experience.



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