An Expression of Aesthetics in Kensington Gardens








London gets a bad rap for weather.  Yes it rains pretty frequently, but it’s typically a light rain, and you gain an appreciation for nice weather.

London is also city with a world class art scene and an extensive array of public parks. It would make sense to go through some effort to find unions where these two items can intersect.  So when the weather is cooperative, days out to public art exhibits just make sense.

The area of Hyde Park near Kensington Gardens where Serpentine Gallery is located is the type of place you could get lost in if you didn’t pay attention.  Heading south from Lancaster Gate for about 15 minnutes, you’re deep in the park.  The walk alone was worth visiting.

The 2015 sculpture in Serpentine Gallery is the product of two Madrid-born architects, José Selgas and Lucía Cano.  Words that come to mind upon seeing it: cotton candy, nyan cat, cellophane, and vortex.


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