Christmas In Bruges

And I realized, f*** man, maybe that’s what hell is: the entire rest of eternity spent in f****’ Bruges. And I really really hoped I wouldn’t die.

Our hotel was located in Brussels, so we took a train from Brussels Central.  That cost us about 22 euro for two roundtrip tickets.  (Check online because you may get deals compared to buying at the ticket counter.  We got a discounted “Christmas Rate” online.)

As we got off the train, you can immediately see which side you should head towards to see the sites.  The Belfy bell tower towers over all of the other buildings in the area, and you likely won’t even need a map to reach the Grote Markt.

The walk toward the town center was rather plain, to be honest.  As it was Christmas Day, many of the shops along the way were closed down, but on the plus side this granted us some great opportunities to get in some great shots of the canals, untouched by the boats or people.

Canals In Bruges

Canals In Bruges

But eventually, we came to find the Grote Markt and we found life in the city!  The Belfort lumbers over the square and numerous vendors were out in the Christmas market selling food, drink or crafts.

You’ll see a lot of these dutch style roofs.

Bruges Roofs

Bruges Roofs

The difference you’ll find between Bruges and a place like Brussels is evident in not just the language differences, but also the cuisine. Many restaurants and vendors offered flemish specialties (Bruges being the capital of Flanders).

Holy Blood

Holy Blood

Of course a visit to Bruges wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the Church of the Holy Blood.  Fans of the movie, In Bruges, will recall that this church is said to contain a phial containing a cloth with Jesus’ blood on it.  Entry is only a couple euro per person and will get you up close and to see the phial (not the actual blood inside though).

After a day of wandering around the nearly empty city of Bruges, grabbing a coffee from the only place that was open that looked like they were fine with us just having coffee (an ice cream shop chain in the main plaza) we decided to head back to Brussels.



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