Paris, France

Our first overseas holiday took us to Paris, France.

It wasn’t a terrible flight, but it could have been faster.  We had a layover in Dublin at like 6AM for several hours and because our internal clocks were set to about midnight I decided to have a 6AM pint of Guiness from the airport bar.

August is the wrong time to go if you want to see a bunch of people in Paris.  Apparently the entire city takes holiday.  On the plus side, that meant the city was less busy than usual.

We walked EVERYWHERE.  The one thing we weren’t close to was the Arc de Triomf.  And obviously I have to see this so we ended up walking miles.





Luckily cafes with outdoor dining are aplenty so this kind of stop was always welcome.l6GSxjCzDw5Lr1fAAsTw56nUk30HwcO99t9IORLKqkILAYspN

We also made it down to see Notre Dame




Close to the Louvre is Angelina.  Known for their hot chocolate.



Speaking of the Louvre..




And our obligatory Eiffel Tower picture!





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